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Using water for extinguishing fires is not always the ideal solution. Class B and C fires shouldn’t be countered with water because of multiple reasons. These fires might include critical assets like data storage rooms, manufacturing equipment, intellectual property, IT systems etc. Using fire might increase the damage by ruining the material you are trying to secure. Being one of the topmost Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher Manufacturers In Uttarakhand, Safeguard Industries is dedicated to deliver Fire Extinguisher of top-notch quality to its clients. Our clean agent fire suppression systems are ideal to use in such situations. We are also a reliable Trader and Wholesaler of Carbon Steel Fire Extinguisher.

What Makes Our Clean Agent Fire Extinguishers Different?

  • Non-Corrosive - The non-corrosive nature of the cleaning agent makes them highly suitable for extinguishing fires of electronic equipment.
  • Safe - These clean agents are designed to provide a huge margin for human safety. So, you can use them easily in presence of people.
  • Environment-Friendly - They are eco-friendly too and this quality makes them widely used and demanded across the world.

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