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CO2 fire extinguishers are the preferred choice for electrical fires and they also work effectively against inflammable liquid fires. CO2 is stored as a liquid in the extinguisher and it comes out in the form of gas, which is created under pressure when the handle is squeezed. Safeguard Industries is one of the distinguished Co2 Fire Extinguisher Manufacturers In Uttarakhand. However, it is not recommended to use these extinguishers in confined places because of the risk of asphyxiation. Our company is also recognized as a distinct Trader and Wholesaler of Fire Extinguisher. Buy it from us to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

Benefits Of Using Our Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher:

  • Electrical Fires - These extinguishers are extremely effective against electrical fires and designed to do the task in a few seconds.
  • No Residue - These units leave no residue behind unlike other types of extinguishers. It increases the convenience and ease of using them.
  • Flexibility Of Applications - They can be used in all kinds of premises including shops, offices, schools and hospitals.

Our company has emerged as one of the distinct Co2 Type Fire Extinguisher Suppliers In India. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and we will deliver them to your facility within a few days.

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