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Fire fighting equipment always plays a major role in controlling fire and minimizing the loss of life and property. Different industries such as petrochemical, gas and oil employ different measures to keep their facilities safe from potential fire hazards. Safeguard Industries supplies this equipment in varying forms to meet the diverse requirements of its clients. Being one of the preeminent Fire Fighting Equipment Manufacturers In Uttarakhand, our company’s name has become synonymous with fire safety equipment of top-notch quality. Our equipment is installed in Churches, Universities, Hospitals, Residences, Manufacturing Units and Warehouses. Our company also operates as a leading Portable Fire Fighting Equipment Trader and Wholesaler.

Advantages Of Using Our Fire Fighting Equipments:

  • Easy Installation And Operation - Our equipment are easy to install and operating them is also not a very difficult task. This user-friendliness makes them suitable for all facilities.
  • Standards Compliance - All these products are manufactured in compliance with the set standards of the industry. You can be assured of their excellent quality.
  • Quick Response - These products allow you to respond quickly to any fire hazard and you are always prepared to douse a fire out within a few minutes.

We are one of the top-notch Fire Fighting Safety Equipments Suppliers In India. Call us right now to know more about our products.

Fire Extinguisher Suppliers
Fire Extinguisher

It is always a wise decision to be fully prepared for any disaster. Little negligence on your part can be dangerous for your facility as well as the people in it. When it comes to preparing for such situations, fire extinguishers become the go-to equipment for preventing a spark turn into a fire.

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ABC Fire Extinguisher Suppliers
ABC Fire Extinguisher

There are different types of fire extinguishers to fight different types of fires. It is important that you are equipped with the right one to fight the fire because if it’s not the case, you can aggravate the fire instead of extinguishing it. These multipurpose fires are capable of all three classes of fires.

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ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher Suppliers
ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher

The ABC fire extinguisher is filled with a yellow powder known as monoammonium phosphate. This powder is capable of extinguishing fires of all classes. Safeguard Industries manufactures premium quality fire extinguishers and it has given us the reputation of being one of the prominent ABC Powder Fire Extinguisher Manufacturers In Uttarakhand.

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Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher Suppliers
Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher

Using water for extinguishing fires is not always the ideal solution. Class B and C fires shouldn’t be countered with water because of multiple reasons. These fires might include critical assets like data storage rooms, manufacturing equipment, intellectual property, IT systems etc.

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Co2 Fire Extinguisher Suppliers
Co2 Fire Extinguisher

CO2 fire extinguishers are the preferred choice for electrical fires and they also work effectively against inflammable liquid fires. CO2 is stored as a liquid in the extinguisher and it comes out in the form of gas, which is created under pressure when the handle is squeezed.

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Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher Suppliers
Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

Dry powder fire extinguishers are the most common type of extinguisher and they can be used on all classes of fires. You can also use them on electrical fires but people usually don’t prefer that as it leaves a residue which is potentially damaging to the equipment.

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Co2 Gas Flooding System Suppliers
Co2 Gas Flooding System

CO2 gas flooding system is one of the most common fire fighting systems. They are mostly installed to fight fires in boiler rooms, engine rooms, pump rooms and ships. This system consists of several CO2 cylinders which work together to release carbon dioxide in bulk quantity when the facility is under fire.

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Fire Fighting Equipment Suppliers
Fire Fighting Equipment

Fire fighting equipment always plays a major role in controlling fire and minimizing the loss of life and property. Different industries such as petrochemical, gas and oil employ different measures to keep their facilities safe from potential fire hazards.

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Fire Hose Suppliers
Fire Hose

Using a hose is never a desirable thing but when you do get to use one, you’d like the hose to be as reliable as possible. We understand how crucial those moments are and design our hoses to deliver the best performance to the user.

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Fire Hydrant System Suppliers
Fire Hydrant System

Fire hydrant systems are a pretty common sight in several industrial and residential projects. It is a vital component of a fire protection system and becomes a useful system during fire mishaps. Safeguard Industries is one of the reputed Fire Hydrant System Manufacturers In Uttarakhand.

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Fire Sprinkler System Suppliers
Fire Sprinkler System

Installing an active fire protection system is the wisest thing you can do for making your facility safe and secure. As we all know, these systems are operated by the heat from a fire and the system needs to be highly responsive for it.

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Fire Suppression System Suppliers
Fire Suppression System

Fire suppression systems are essential for rapid on-site protection from fires. They utilize a mixture of dry and wet chemicals to extinguish the fire. They are installed mostly in places where heavy power equipment is used. Safeguard Industries is one of the highly respected Fire Suppression System Manufacturers In Uttarakhand.

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First Aid Hose Reel Suppliers
First Aid Hose Reel

First aid hose reels are an important part of the fire protection system of a facility. We have been working in the industry for several years now and no client ever complained about the performance of these reels.

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Hose Box Suppliers
Hose Box

You must have seen the red boxes inside buildings installed on the walls. These boxes house a hose which becomes useful in fighting fires. Safeguard Industries is engaged in manufacturing these hose boxes and we use only top-notch material in fabricating them.

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Hose Cabinet Suppliers
Hose Cabinet

Fire hose cabinets can be availed in different variants including recessed, semi-recessed, trimless and surface mounted varieties. Safeguard Industries is dedicated to deliver top-quality fire fighting equipment in the market and hose cabinet is an integral part of those products.

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Hose Reel Suppliers
Hose Reel

Hose reels are cylindrical spindles created to store hose pipes without any difficulty. Pipes are winded around them and it keeps them neat and kink-free when it is not in use. Safeguard Industries is recognized as one of the top-tier Hose Reel Manufacturers In Uttarakhand and the quality of our hose reels is in-line with that reputations.

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Hose Reel Drum Suppliers
Hose Reel Drum

Safeguard Industries is engaged in manufacturing top-quality hose reel drums. Numerous clients spread across the country have chosen us for getting these reels. We work in compliance with the set standards of the industry and deliver products with smooth finishing.

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Hydrant Valve Suppliers
Hydrant Valve

Engaged in manufacturing all kinds of fire safety equipment, Safeguard Industries has gained significant expertise over the tiny technicalities of these products. Our hydrants valves are no different. Used for regulating, directing and controlling the flow of fire suppressing agents; our valves showcase great sturdiness and smooth performance.

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Single Headed Hydrant Valve Suppliers
Single Headed Hydrant Valve

Single-headed valves offer only one outlet to connect hose pipes and they can be installed anywhere inside or outside the facility. Safeguard Industries is one of the most dependable Single Headed Hydrant Valve Manufacturers In Uttarakhand.

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Single Hydrant Valve Suppliers
Single Hydrant Valve

Safeguard Industries is a well-known name in the fire safety equipment manufacturing industry. Counted among the most reliable Single Hydrant Valve Manufacturers In Uttarakhand, our company has always pushed the conventional boundaries of innovation to introduce new products in the market for facilitating a more secure and safer atmosphere.

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Smoke Alarm System Integrator Suppliers
Smoke Alarm System Integrator

Smoke alarm systems are an effective and efficient solution to respond to a fire incident as quickly as possible. It detects heat, flames or smoke in a building and gives warning immediately in the form of an alarm. Safeguard Industries is one of the well-known Smoke Alarm System Manufacturers In Uttarakhand.

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