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Hose reels are cylindrical spindles created to store hose pipes without any difficulty. Pipes are winded around them and it keeps them neat and kink-free when it is not in use. Safeguard Industries is recognized as one of the top-tier Hose Reel Manufacturers In Uttarakhand and the quality of our hose reels is in-line with that reputations. Our reels will help you in keeping the pipes organized and out of other people’s way when not in use. We are also known as a firmly established Commercial Hose Reel Trader and Wholesaler. These reels are an essential part of the fire protection systems of many facilities.

Advantages Of Using Our Hose Reel:

  • Proper Storage - This is probably the most important factor. These reels provide proper care and storage for the pipes increasing their lifespan.
  • Protection From Abrasion - Consistent exposure to elements like sun and snow can be damaging and it can cause the hose to crack or dry out. Our reels prevent all of it by reducing the exposure.
  • Convenience - The most obvious advantage is the increase in efficiency and convenience of application that comes with these reels.

Our company has emerged as one of the most illustrious Fire Hose Reel Suppliers In India. Get in touch with us right now to buy excellent Swinging Hose Reel.

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