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Safeguard Industries

Engaged in manufacturing all kinds of fire safety equipment, Safeguard Industries has gained significant expertise over the tiny technicalities of these products. Our hydrants valves are no different. Used for regulating, directing and controlling the flow of fire suppressing agents; our valves showcase great sturdiness and smooth performance. Our name is taken among the distinguished Hydrant Valve Manufacturers In Uttarakhand. Our Fire Hydrant Valve controls the flow of fire suppressing agent by opening, closing or partially blocking the paths in the hose pipe. Some of the valves also prevent the agent from flowing in the wrong direction.

Key Attributes Of Our Hydrant Valves:

  • Precise Control - These valves give you precise control over the flow of the agent meant for extinguishing the fire.
  • Easy To Operate - We have made sure that operators don’t counter any difficulty while trying to do the job of controlling the flow.
  • Tight Fitting - Once you attach a pipe with these valves, the chances of leakage at the joint are minimal.

Our company is considered one of the major Hydrant Landing Valves Suppliers In India. We are also considered a remarkable Single Hydrant Valves Trader and Wholesaler. Request a quote right now.

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