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Safeguard Industries

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is equipped with the latest technology and all the modern tools to create products of top-notch quality. It has allowed us to be one of the most preferred Hose Box Manufacturers In Uttarakhand. Leading organizations of the country trust us for safeguarding their facilities from fire-related incidents.

We approach each facility with a different set of principles because each facility requires different solutions. The system is studied and strategizing, planning and designing take place before actually installing the systems. Our thorough working process has made us the top Hose Box Manufacturing Company In India. Safeguard Industries have provided our solutions to both the private and public sectors with absolute perfection.

Fires of different proportions require unique equipment for controlling and extinguishing them. Being a dependable Hose Box Manufacturer In India, our company offers a broad range of products to tackle different types of fires. A risk assessment can be the ideal way to start your endeavour towards fire safety protection of your facility. We are also capable of taking orders of any volume. Just tell us your requirements and we will deliver the order as soon as possible.

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